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Family Therapy

Happy family

Families can be both our biggest source of support and frustration. If you're here, you are probably experiencing more frustration than support. Are you at your wits end with your kids? Are you going through something as a family that is tearing you apart? Family therapy can help you come together by talking through things and working toward solutions that make sense for your family. 

When we work with families, we often find that they get stuck because they have lost the ability to communicate and understand each other. Talking through what everyone is going through helps families get back to understanding and appreciating one another. It helps restore the connection that has been damaged. Once people feel they are understood, they are much more willing to cooperate and find creative solutions that will get them back on track. Here are some of the common reasons families come to see us.

  • Parent-child relationship issues

  • Grief and loss

  • Life transitions (school, leaving home)

  • Teens acting out

  • Divorce

  • Anger and resentment

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