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Special Needs

Happy Girl with Glasses

Family members and friends of children and adults with autism are presented with many joys and many challenges throughout their lives. Paige has worked with children, parents and families for over 7 years and truly enjoys helping families adjust and live a full life with all of the challenges that come with having a child with special needs. 

Special needs children and young adults are in therapy that parents and families forget they need someone to talk to that isn't their child's therapist. This is where Paige can help! 


Paige provides Individual, Couples and Family Therapy for Children, Teens, and Adults. Autism Family Therapy is a specialized therapy practice focusing solely on individuals and families who live with autism spectrum disorder, Asperger syndrome, anxiety, attention deficit disorder and other related conditions. Sessions may include children, teenagers, adults, parents, partners, siblings, grandparents or caregivers. Paige offers specialized and focus treatment options for individuals, couples and families for children with special needs. 

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